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Hand Tools Hand Tools


Pliers (279)

Pliers - combination pliers, phone pliers with straight and bent nose, circlip pliers, side nippers, diagonal cutters, front cutters, water pump pliers and many others.

Screwdrivers (178)

Screwdrivers - slotted and PH, individual pieces and screwdriver sets. Imact screwdrivers, insulated screwdrivers VDE 1000 V, with magnetic tips. With multi component handles. 

Spanners (184)

Spanners and wrenches - variety of high quality wrenches and spanners, made of Chrome-Vanadium or other alloy steel. Tubular box spanners, open end wrenches, pipe wrenches, combination spanners, spanners with ratchets. Single or in sets. Made by DIN standarts.

Torx keys (33)

Torx keys - manufactured by high quality materials like Chrome-Vanadium steel, L-shaped, T-shaped, single pieces or in sets.

Tweezers set (3)

Tweezers set

Woodworking Tools (154)

Woodworking Tools - tools for woodworking - chisels, saws, hole saws, milling tools , drill bits, accessories and consumables.

Tools for drilling and cutting (480)

Tools for drilling and cutting - adjustable circle hole cutting blades, high speed hole cutting blades, chisels, pipe cutters, saws, drill bits, PVC pipe cutting tools, diamond discs, hole saws, hole saw sets, step drill sets, step drills, tap and die sets, bolt cutters, tile cutting machines, HSS drills.

Whetstones (4)

Whetstones for manual sharpening, double sided, with coarse and fine grit, made of corundum.

Construction Tools (312)

Construction Tools, tool belts, rulers, squares, paint mixers, drain cleaners, punch and chisels, pry bars, spirit levels, laser spirit levels, caulking guns, door closers, painting tools, foam guns, other construction tools. Variety of brands.

Anvils (4)

Anvils - different sizes and kilograms. Dwo horns and single horn.

Locks, chucks, door handles etc. (47)

Locks, chucks, chains for locking, door handles, padlocks etc.

Hand - held tape roller (2)

Hand - held tape rollers


New products

PVC Adapter 65mm / GÜDE 94309 /

PVC Adapter 65mm / GÜDE 94309 /

Price excl. tax: €24.03
Price inc. tax: €28.84
PVC Adapter 33mm / GÜDE 94305 /

PVC Adapter 55mm / GÜDE 94307 /

Price excl. tax: €24.03
Price inc. tax: €28.84
PVC Adapter 33mm / GÜDE 94305 /

PVC Adapter 30mm / GÜDE 94305 /

Price excl. tax: €24.03
Price inc. tax: €28.84


Screwdriver Set (32 Pieces)

Screwdriver Set (32 Pieces) / TROY 22332 /

Price excl. tax: €7.16
Price inc. tax: €8.59
Universal Spanner (9-32mm)

Universal Spanner (9-32mm) / WERT 2190 /

Price excl. tax: €8.40
Price inc. tax: €10.08
Epoxy Adhesive, UNIVERSAL VERWENDBAR (40g, 36 Pieces)

Epoxy Adhesive, UNIVERSAL VERWENDBAR (40g)

Price excl. tax: €1.94
Price inc. tax: €2.33


01 Sep 2017

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15 Aug 2017

 Now bigger variety!

08 Jun 2017
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