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Our company SUN Bulgaria Ltd. is established in 1997.
The company’s sales network consists of 550 technical hardware retailers and chain-stores covering all of the major
cities within Bulgaria. We have export customers in Romania, Macedonia, Croatia, Kosovo and Georgia and we strive
to expand our exports.

SUN Bulgaria is the exclusive importer - distributor for:

Brueder Mannesmann – Hand & Power tools – Germany,
GUDE – Hand & Power tools – Germany,
SCHEPPACH - Machinery & Power tools – Germany,
DEMA - Automotive Tools – Germany;
PROXXON – Hand & Power tools – Germany,

evolution - Machinery & Power tools – UK,
Ludecke – Couplings - Germany,
Gefo - Automotive testing equipment - Germany
BATAVIA – Hand & Power tools – Holland,
Weller – Soldering irons – Apextools - USA
Nicholson - Hand tools – Apextools - USA
Crescent - Hand tools – Apextools - USA
APEX Tools - Hand tools – Apextools - USA
General - Pipe Cleaning Machines - USA

VELLEMAN – Hand & Power tools – Belgium,
PEREL – Hand & Power tools – Belgium,

WEICON - Cable Cutting Tools - Germany
MARTOR - Utility Cutters - Germany
BMI – Spirit levels – Germany,
BOHLE - Glass cutting tools - Germany;
KERG – Extension cords – Poland;
Je-tech – Hand Tools – China

NINETEC – Drones, Hoverboards, Audio accessories – Germany;
Troy & Wert – Hand & Power tools – Private label,
Sun-Fix – Adhesives – Private label,
Additionally we distribute the following brands:

MAKITA - Professional Power Tools - Japan;
KNIPEX - Professional Hand Tools - Germany;
Wera - Professional Hand Tools - Germany;
DURACELL – Batteries and Handlights – P&G;
WD-40 -Multi-purpose spray - USA;
GRUNDIG – Lightning and Video accessories – Germany;
PHILIPS –Batteries and Audio accessories – Holland;
HOLTS - Car care sprays - Germany;
TURTLE WAX - Car care chemicals - USA;
WUNDERBAUM - Scents - Germany;

In our product group we have more then 7000 articles, and the rate of shipped article / ordered article is apprx. 95%.
We have a very convenient 4000 msq. warehousing facility in southern Bulgaria , on the junction of the roads from
Romania to Greece and Serbia to Turkey.

Our vision is to be the most reliable supplier for our business partners and endusers in the market.
Our mission is to increase the values that we add to our employees, business partners, shareholders , nature and society,
through our hard, efficient work and agility .

Our values are :
- Our primary goal is to fulfill the needs and expectations of our business partners and endusers, with a superior quality.
- We do not comprimise in abiding the laws, rules and regulations.
- We are good mannered people and have common sense.
- We give the biggest emphasis and we invest on human.
- We believe in active team play
- We believe in lucid communication in every level.
- We believe in the power of “strong will” , that makes our work original and productive.
- We believe that every one of our employees are “the leader” in their workfield.
- We believe that the good sampling that we provide will be inspiring for other actors of the economy.

Plovdiv Technical Exhibition - 2011

Plovdiv Technical Exhibition - 2009

Plovdiv Technical Exhibition - 2008

Plovdiv Technical Exhibition - 2007

Plovdiv Technical Exhibition - 2006

TIB Show 2005 ,Bucharest, Romania

Plovdiv Technical Exhibition - 2004

Plovdiv Technical Exhibition - 2003

Plovdiv Technical Exhibition - 2002

Views from our warehouses - present day

We moved to our new warehouse and office premises in 2019