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  • The tool protection system with diverse applications, ranging from building construction to industrial climbing
  • Reliably prevents the tool falling down, and can protect against serious injuries, damage to property or loss
  • Set with tether, adapter straps and carabiners
  • The combination of the separate parts produces a versatile system with a large number of attachment options
  • Attractive sales packaging with Euro standard perforation
  • 1 x tether, 3 x adapter strap and 2 x carabiner
Carabiners 2pcs / KNIPEX 005003 T BK /
€23.64 Price
  • For use in building construction, civil engineering, building maintenance; for industrial climbers, roofers, mountaineers, in rock climbing, for trade fair projects
  • Carabiner with screw lock
  • Catch to increase tensile strength
  • For connecting adapter strap and tether or to attach these to a fixed point
  • Strong yet light design
  • Contents: 2 carabiners
  • Aluminium
Aluminum Snap D-Ring Assortment ,12 pieces / Tolland HAS09 /
€11.66 Price
  • Anodized finish, does not rust
  • Comes in assorted sizes and colours for easy identification
  • Not for climbing, lifting or safety devices
  • Colours: black, blue, red, silver
  • Diameter: 5.08 cm (2 inch) / 6.035 cm (2-3/8 inch) / 6.958 cm (2-3/4 inch) / 7.937 cm (3-1/8 inch)
  • Quantity / contents: 12 pieces set
    • 2 x: 80 mm black
    • 4 x: 70 mm red
    • 2 x: 60 mm silver
    • 4 x: 50 mm blue
Padlock 40 mm
€5.20 Price
  • With waterproof PVC coating.
  • Body made of hardened steel.
  • The lid of the lock prevents water from entering the locking mechanism.
  • Complete with 3 keys.
  • Length: 40mm
Padlock 40 mm and 63 mm bracket
€3.59 Price
  • Durable Brass body.
  • Bracket with a length of 63 mm.
  • Reinforced and hardened structure for cutting.
  • Available with 3 keys in total.
Cylinder lever lock
€3.28 Price
  • For boxes, writing tables, desks etc.
  • Suitable for metal and wooden furniture
  • Cylinder dia.: 10 mm
  • Length of the shaft: 35 mm
Rubber lock housing 47x23x47
€1.84 Price
  • Rubber, from two parts
  • With holes for the key and the bracket
  • For padlocks with size approx.: 47x23x47mm (Length x Wideness x Height)
Rubber lock housing 42x23x47
€1.84 Price
  • Rubber, from two parts
  • With holes for the key and the bracket
  • For padlocks with size approx.: 42x23x47mm (Length x Wideness x Height)
Padlock 50 mm
€4.05 Price
  • Waterproof PVC sheathed padlock.
  • Hardened steel body.
  • Suitable for outdoor use with its sheathed outer body.
  • The cover on the keyhole prevents water entry into the lock mechanism.
  • 3 keys included
  • Length: 50mm
Padlock 30 mm
€2.14 Price
  • Rubber body cover, water resistant
  • With 3 keys