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Engraving Machines -Hobby Sets

Hobby Tool Kit 80 Pcs / Mannesmann 92571 /
€49.09 Price

 Mannesmann Hobby Tool Kit  80 Pcs, Powerful 130W motor

● Important equipment with 80 accessories
● Infinitely variable speed from 8000 to 30000rpm
● Ideal for all drilling, polishing, grinding and cutting operations
● Carrying case


Compact engraving tool with flexible shaft / Mannesmann 92577 /, 130 W
€39.27 Price

Mannesmann Compact engraving tool with flexible shaft  , with Powerful motor 135 W

  • Speed: 8000 - 30000 rpm
  • Equiped with accessories 50 pieces
  • Ideal for all drilling, polishing, grinding and cutting operations
  • Carrying case
  • Collet dia.: 3 mm
  • Head dia.: 5 mm
  • Addons shafts dia.: 3 mm 
Hobby Tool Kit 50 Pcs / Mannesmann 92575 /
€30.07 Price

Mannesmann Hobby Tool Kit  50 Pcs 

● Powerful 135W motor
● Important equipment with 50 accessories
● Infinitely variable speed from 8000 to 32000rpm
● Ideal for all drilling, polishing, grinding and cutting operations
● Carrying case

Precision drill/grinder FBS 240/E
€73.63 Price
  • The maximum speed of 22,000rpm is continuously variable down to 5,000rpm.
  • The full wave electronic speed control results in virtually constant torque, even at lower speeds, in turn facilitating micro drilling, cleaning and polishing.
  • The spindle runs in a precision ball bearing and is lifted with a lock button.
  • The 20mm collar fits MICROMOT drill stands and vices.
  • The machine is fitted with a special, balanced, low noise DC motor with high life expectancy.
  • Stable housing of glass-fibre reinforced POLYAMIDE with soft components in the finger grip area
  • Complete with 43 quality inserts in a sturdy plastic case.
  • Technical data:
    • Speed: 5.000 - 22.000rpm.
    • Maximum power consumption 100W, 230V
    • Length: 200mm
    • Weight: 450g
    • Insulated according to class 2 requirements
    • Keyless chuck with 0.3 - 3.2mm capacity.
Precision drill/grinder IBS/E
€104.31 Price
  • For drilling, milling, grinding, polishing, cleaning, cutting, carving, engraving and signing.
  • For precision mechanics, model builders, jewellers, opticians, artists and electronic enthusiasts.
  • High concentric accuracy (maximum runout 3/100mm).
  • No runout in your bits and cutters.
  • This high-revving, special balanced, low noise direct current (DC) special motor has fullwave electronic speed control.
  • The ground steel spindle runs in a ball bearing. Six high concentricity MICROMOT collets, (1.0 - 1.5 - 2.0 - 2.4 - 3.0 and 3.2mm and closure nut) are included. 
  • Technical data:
    • Speed: 5000 to 22000rpm.
    • Power consumption (max) 100W / 230V.
    • Stable head of die-cast aluminium and main housing of glassfibre reinforced POLYAMIDE.
    • Length: 230mm.
    • Weight approx.: 500g.
    • Insulated to class 2.
    • The 20mm MICROMOT collar allows fitting of optional drill stands, horizontal stands, etc.
  • Supplied with 34 bits and cutters in a stable plastic case.

Model building and engraving set with MICROMOT drill/grinder 50/E
€84.68 Price
  • The set includes 34 industrial respectively dental quality bits and cutters: 
  • 1 diamond grinding bit
  • 1 fine miller
  • 0.5 and 1mm micro-drills
  • 1 brass brush
  • 4 high-grade corundum grinding bits (cylinder, sphere, disc and cone shaped)
  • 1 polishing pad
  • 4 grinding wheels (2 corundum, 2 silicon carbide)
  • 20 cutting discs and 1 arbor
  • The 6 MICROMOT collets ranging from 1 - 3.2mm are also included
  • With mains adapter for 230V operation (12V, 1A). 
Engraving machine GG 12
€17.49 Price
  • Housing of glass fibre-reinforced POLYAMIDE
  • Technical data for GG 12:
  • Direct voltage 12 - 18V. 20,000rpm.
  • Length 145mm.
  • Weight 50g.
  • Every piece has its own place in the attractive, extremely durable plastic storage case.
  • Аvailable individually
  • Includes 1 diamond bit (spherical head, 1.8mm).
  • For operation a mains adapter is required. NOT included.
  • We recommend MICROMOT mains adapters NG 2/S or NG 2/E. ​
Engraving kit GG 12 with box
€49.09 Price
  • Housing of glass fibre-reinforced POLYAMIDE.
  • Еxtremely durable plastic storage case
  • Including:
    • Complete with mains adapter 0.5A for 230V
    • Trial glass
    • Motifs and instruction booklet as well as all necessary bits: 1.0 and 1.8mm diamond grinding bits with spherical head for engraving and line work
    • Silicon carbide grinding bits in both conical and bullet shape for frosting glass as well as one corundum grinding bit in ball
    • Cylinder shape for grinding and engraving.
    • Including bit holder usable for holding MICROMOT rotating bits.


Battery-powered professional drill/grinder IBS/A / PROXXON 29800 /
€196.35 Price
  • For drilling, milling, grinding, polishing, cleaning, cutting, engraving and signing
  • The set includes 34 industrial respectively dental quality bits and cutters
  • With 20mm MICROMOT collar for use in drill and horizontal stands
  • The 6 MICROMOT collets ranging from 1 - 3.2mm are also included
  • With lithium-ion battery Li/A (10.8V) and rapid battery charger LG/A
  • Supplied in a plastic case
  • Length 270mm.
  • Weight approx. 700g (including battery)
Mini Drill Set, 50Pcs / Mannesmann 17950 /
€41.72 Price

Mannesmann Mini Drill Set, 50Pcs 

● Multi-Purpose Tool Kit with wide assortment of accessories for drilling, grinding, cutting, milling, polishing, engraving.
● Infinitely adjustable speed range upto max. 22000rpm.
● As the appliance is held like a pen, it's usable for fine artwork in model construction works.
● Easy changing tools due to spindle-lock.
● Set consists of:
● 1 x grinding/engraving appliance, 18V
● 1 x screwdriver
● 6 x drills
● 4 x milling cutters
● 2 x reception devices for mini-grinding and cutting discs
● 2 x mini-grinding discs
● 1 x polishing felt
● 1 x power plug, GS-approved 
● 3 x clamping chucks
● 5 x grinders
● 3 x brushes
● 2 x mini grinding discs
● 10 x mini cutting discs
● Carrying case

  • For working on steel, non-ferrous metal, glass, ceramics, wood and plastic. For cutting, roughing and grinding
  • Variable speed control for high torque: 5,000 - 16,000rpm. 
  • In Plastic case
  • A corundum grinding disc (grit 60), a fan sander (grit 100) and a reinforced cutting disc are included
  • The flat end cap of the battery enables the tools to stand upright as well
  • Technical data:
    • Power: Lithium-ion battery Li/A 10.8V
    • Battery charger LG/A
    • Speed: 5,000 - 16,000rpm.
    • Discs Ø 50mm mit 10mm bore.
    • Length 320mm.
    • Weight approx. 800g (including battery)


Precision drill/grinder MICROMOT 50
€33.75 Price
  • The tens of thousands of these units in use speak for themselves: they are a joy to use!
  • With a diameter of only 35mm it is unsurpassed easy to manage.
  • Besides the weight of only approx. 230g, the effortless drive via balanced motor with ground spindle and collar bearing allows for quiet run with a pleasing sound to the ear.
  • The high-quality MICROMOT steel collets ensure accurate clamping of the cutters, without rattling or vibrating of bits and cutters.
  • The size of the machine dictates a 12V drive system, use of a mains adapter of at least 1.0A is thus required.
  • We recommend MICROMOT mains adapters NG 2/S, NG 2/E or NG 5/E. 
  • DC mains adapter not included in set