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Power metal sheath cutters

Electric metal sheet cutter / Makita JS1602 /
€390.71 Price


  • Electric metal sheet cutter - accessories and technical data
  • Standard accessories:
    • Knives set
    • Key holder
    • Hex key
  • Technical data:
    • ​Power: 380 W
    • Revolutions (idle): 4000 min-1 
    • Minimum radius: 30 mm
    • Max. thickness at 200N/mm2: 2.5 mm (aluminium)
    • Max. thickness at 400N/mm2​: 1.6 mm
    • Max. thickness at 600N/mm2​: 1.2 mm
    • Max. thickness at 800N/mm2​: 0.8 mm

Cordless cutter / BATAVIA 7047996 /
€36.75 Price
  • The ergonomic universal cutter is a perfect helper for multiple cutting jobs. It cuts nearly all materials for example: textiles, leather, cardboard, wallpaper, fabric, etc. Even a tight cutting radius is manageable with this cutter. Thanks to the narrow blade you can cut virtually anywhere normal cutters would not reach.
  • Awkward handling of wallpaper scissors is a thing of the past – nowadays you can cut even damp wallpaper edges without having to pull the wallpaper down a bit.
  • Equipped with the most modern Li-Ion technology - this universal cutter is ready for action at any time since the well-known discharge of ordinary rechargeable batteries is not an issue here.
  • The new Li-ion re chargeable universal cutter – for workplace, DIY or home.
  • Supplied with charger and replacement cutting head.
  • Battery: 3.6V Li-Ion